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Saturday, February 17, 2007


Here are some more cards from this week:
(I think you can double click the image to make it larger)

Scarlett's Valentine:

Linc's Valentine:
Grandma's Birthday Card:That is actually some adhesive fabric I found at Big Lots! Is it not awesome!?!

I would like more money. Who wouldn't??? But apparently... I am such a good tutor that my pupils only need me for several sessions and then stop coming because, "they are just doing so well now." Grrrr.... At Christmas I sold a butt load of cards to people at work and Linc told me I should sell them on ebay. Meh. However, I'm now thinking about Etsy. Here is the other crap stuff I have to offer.

I paint paper mache boxes. Here a few that I have around the house:

The flower box

The heart box
The button basket
The black paint doesn't photograph well.
This is a round box painted black with rub-on transfers.

I have made a lot of these for my aunts and cousins. They just love them. Some I glue stuff to the lids and/or put ribbons around the necks. Personally, I like the raw look without the fluff.

What do you think? Etsy worthy or should I not even bother?


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Blogger Isabel pondered...

The cards look awesome!

2/17/2007 12:56:00 PM  

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