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Thursday, April 20, 2006

College roommates and other secrets best kept hidden...

My old college roommate is here. I was going to let her relax at the beach and do her own thing while I was at work and then I realized that I couldn’t let her have all the fun! What are sick days for anyway? So, I’m home, soaking up the rays and devouring a good book or two. We stayed out for 4 ½ hours today and I’m pink. I’m not the oh-you’re-gonna-peel burnt, just a little tender. I’ll still be able to lay out tomorrow, but I might put on a shirt after several hours.

It always amuses Linc when Mo comes for a visit. I think it’s hard for him to accept that there is someone else out there who can finish my sentences and knows just how to irritate me to laughter. We eat too much, we drink too much, and we definitely laugh too much. And the best part is that my best guy likes my best girl. I’m a very lucky lady.

I have always found it strange that people I knew for four short years, in my wildest days, would know me better than those I spent my entire childhood with. I still have the girlfriends from my ‘formative’ years, but we easily grew apart, me being the only one to go to college AND leave town--permanently. While in college, I managed to become a member of a very tight group of friends. All from different parts of the state, no two with the same major, religion, or background. I don’t know why our strange conglomerate of personalities managed to not only meet, but stick together through the years (you will meet them all later, no doubt) but I define myself as very fortunate indeed.

So tonight, as Mo and I finish off the last of the mix in the blender and put our morning mimosa supplies in the fridge, I tip my glass to you, my farrago of buddies, wherever in the world you may currently be:

Bella the Ballerina
Jess the Mess


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Blogger Suisan pondered...

It's nice when you can recognize that you have one of those friends, and not just the we'll hang out together friends.

Just reconnected with my highschool roomate (prep school) after twenty years and it's like we never fell out of touch.

4/20/2006 11:03:00 PM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

That's great Suisan. Are you two going to stay connected? Is she a romance reader? (he-he) Mo and I can go months without speaking but we know once we do...

As for the rest of 'em, we make a point of getting together one weekend every summer and it's as if time stops.


4/21/2006 08:11:00 AM  

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