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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Can cover artists read?

Cover artists are quickly becoming the bane of my existence. Perhaps someone can tell me how the whole process works, because sadly I must say that I do not know. If I had to guess, I would say that either:

A) The cover artists read the book and then create a cover (apparently not likely)


B) Someone tells the cover artist (author, publisher, publicist?) what they would like to see on the cover of a book.

So...how the hell do they get it SO WRONG?

I like tasteful covers, I like landscape covers, I can even understand (if I'm not crazy about) covers featuring representations of the characters, but I expect the details to be right! Especially when talking about the characters. I don't use the cover models as the representation of the characters in my mind, but they start the basis for my mental picture. I even find myself referring back to the picture multiple times during my reading to reinforce my mental image. So why do authors let representations get so far off the mark?

I am not going to bash the titles/cover artists/authors, but let me just tell you...

Two weeks ago I read a book in which the herione has light brown hair. Cover model herione has...yep, blonde! WTF?!?

One week ago, I read a novel where the h/h are in a love scene and she runs her hands through the hair on his chest. Cover model hero has...yep, shaved, smooth chest! WTF?!?

And yesterday, I finish a novel where the cover model herione is pictured wearing a red dress. What's the big deal you ask? The DEAD WIFE's signature color was red! WTF?!?



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Blogger Suisan pondered...

Unfortunately I'm not sure that authors have that much clout when it comes to approving or editing the covers.

My aunt had a fantasy book published in the early eighties. About a fourth grader travelling to a Middle Eastern based alternate universe (bad synopsis: Narnia in Persia) Cover mock-up comes back with this hot chickie babe in a metal bustier and bare legs leading a mounted procession of warriors past a onion-domed castle.

The cover image didn't even depict the main characters! It was a brief dream the main character had in the middle of the book. Oh well--not much could be done.

4/15/2006 05:15:00 PM  

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