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Thursday, July 27, 2006

4 things

I was about to start pouting about not being tagged and then Ames went and shared all the love!

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Steak N Shake Waitress
2. Cowhand (aka cowpoke)
3. JC Penny Shoe Salesperson
4. Law Office Clerk

Four movies I would watch over and over (and have):
1. Ever After
2. The Big Easy
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Bull Durham

Four places I have lived:
1. Webster, FL
2. Tallahassee, FL
3. Umatilla, FL
4. Sebastian, FL

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. House
3. Amazing Race
4. American Idol

Four places I have been on vacation:
1. Yellowstone National Park
2. The Badlands
3. Key West, FL
4. Washington, DC

Websites I visit daily:
1. Myspace.com (I have a classroom space 4 my kids)
2. Yahoo!
3. YouTube
4. Simon Says BB

Four of my favourite foods:
1. Chicken Nuggets
2. Tator tots
3. Tuna fish
4. Artichoke and spinach dip

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Lake Michigan
3. Cayman Islands
4. Spain

Four friends I think will respond:


9 touched me

Blogger Mailyn pondered...

I love tater tots!!! Sadly enough I haven't eaten them in years. lol.

7/27/2006 04:03:00 PM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

LOL Mailyn. Tator tots and chicken nuggets are our Saturday cuisine. I suggest Banquet for your chicken nuggets and Ore Ida for the tator tots...they are the best. LMAO!


7/27/2006 04:05:00 PM  
Blogger Dylan pondered...

Dude I swear by Ore Ida tator tots, those are the best! and coming from a family with millions of kids, we eat tots frequently, the kids prefer them to fries. That might have to do with the whole Napoleon Dynamite thing though, hehe.

Hey Fi, what bb's do you post at on the Simonsays bb's?

7/27/2006 08:11:00 PM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

Dylan--Judith McNaught but I've only posted a few times...I'm a real lurker. I have to get the layout of things before I jump overboard. There is no way I can keep up with all those posts! I don't know how they do it!


7/27/2006 08:52:00 PM  
Blogger Valeen pondered...

It was overwhelming for me at the beginning two years ago as well - all the posts - now I find its not fast enough, LOL. I'm checking the boards twice a day and nothings happening.

7/27/2006 09:27:00 PM  
Blogger Devon pondered...

Hi, off to do my four things.

7/27/2006 10:12:00 PM  
Blogger Isabel pondered...

I love tator tots. I haven't had them in a while though. Yeah what bb on simon says do you lurk/post at?

7/27/2006 10:36:00 PM  
Blogger ames pondered...

I'm so bad, I tag all these people and then don't follow up to see their answers. LOL I was super busy at work.

And I loved Ever After, haven't watched it in forever. Now I have something for the weekend!

7/28/2006 09:12:00 AM  
Blogger Holly pondered...

i listed ever after, too. what badlands have you been to, cuz i grew up near some of them..lol

7/30/2006 03:25:00 PM  

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