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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Already a keeper?

So I had a semi-productive day....

Washed four loads of clothes and dried them at the corner (dryer died)...

Finished my proofs and edits...

Received and graded three extra credit assignments from students by e-mail...

Threw my last read against the wall (will take several days to calm down before I can review THAT!)...

And started Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn.

Funny, funny, funny! I have laughed so much, DH had to come out of the computer room to see what I was doing...

And how do I already know it's going to find a place on my keeper shelf? Page 135, that's how!

"And so, on an otherwise unremarkable Friday afternoon, in the heart of Mayfair, in a quiet drawing room on Mount Street, Colin Bridgerton kissed Penelope Featherington.

And it was glorious."

**dancing up and down while emitting a strange squealing noise**


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