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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

From Amanda

...slipping it in before midnight.

13 Things I Hate About The Grocery Store

13. Having to look for uncracked eggs.

12. Potato chip bags (have you ever looked in one of those things? They are 2/3 empty!)

11. Wilted lettuce.

10. Remembering the toilet paper when I have all my items already on the checkout belt.

9. Rude meat cutters at the deli (news flash...you are getting paid to HELP me!)

8. The cookie aisle.

7. People who aisle hug as they come around the corner and then act like you are the one in the way.

6. People who don't know the rule, "walk on the right side."

5. Running into the same annoying woman on every aisle.

4. The smell of the seafood case.

3. Bloody bottoms on meat packages.

2. Check out people who feel the need to talk to you. Shut up and scan.

1. Check out people who feel the need to comment on what I am buying.

No lie, I bought People this week and the check out girl says to me...are you ready for this? "You actually read this trash?" Uh-huh...yes she did.


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