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Sunday, April 23, 2006

I love a man who works with his hands...

To Sir Phillip, With Love

This is what? The 5th book in the Bridgerton series? It tells the story of Eloise, Penelope Featherington’s best friend and Colin Bridgerton’s younger sister (Romancing Mister Bridgerton). Eloise has been quite thoroughly placed on the shelf, which she was okay with until she lost her life-long partner in spinsterhood, Penelope. After writing a condolence letter concerning her cousin’s untimely death, Eloise begins a correspondence with Phillip Crane. After a year of writing, Sir Phillip proposes marriage and Eloise slips out of London as the previous book (RMB) comes to a close. Eloise surprises Sir Phillip by showing up on his doorstep unannounced.

The story centered more around the Cranes rather than the Bridgertons in this book, which was okay. Phillip was the typical widower, “she died and it’s all my fault. Why didn’t I do something to stop her?” This couldn’t be helped, really. But for someone who is as intelligent as Phillip Crane (a botanist! *sigh*) I expected him to see the light a little sooner. And the twins! Oliver and Amanda were great! I don’t usually like children in books because I don’t feel that they add to the story, but these two! If anything, I was disappointed that they were not in focus for more of the book. Julia Quinn did a really good job with the children’s dialogue.

The rampaging brothers scene was laugh-out-loud funny! And watching Eloise interact with Anthony, Benedict, Colin and Gregory were some of my favorites. And as for Benedict and Sophie…this book made me immediately read their story.

Overall, To Sir Phillip, With Love was a good read. I’d give it an A and already stuck it on my keeper shelf. It had the right amount of smart/tough heroine, smart/brooding hero, jealous brothers and loveable children. And the letters…I love how Ms. Quinn uses writing (in this book, it is Eloise's letters) to move the plot forward from chapter to chapter.


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