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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Back to books...

I am currently reading A Marriage Most scandalous by Johanna Lindsey and I'm really liking it. Sebastian (of the last 5 books I have read, Sebastian has been the hero's name in 3) looks like he is going to be a great brooding hero and Margaret is a quick witted blue-stocking! Here is the blurb:

With the dazzling blend of romance, humor, and poignant storytelling that has made her one of the world's best-loved authors, Johanna Lindsey presents the passionate Regency-era tale of an earl's daughter who dares to pose as the wife of a deadly mercenary in order to save her former guardian.

Lady Margaret Landor first met Sebastian Townshend as a child, when he caught her peeking into her older sister's engagement ball. Tall, dashing, and charming, Sebastian was one of the most sought-after bachelors in Kent and cut a romantic figure she would not soon forget. Never did she dream that one day she would be living at his family's magnificent estate with Sebastian's father, the eighth Earl of Edgewood, as her guardian -- while Sebastian is banished from his family due to the tragic results of a duel.

When life at Edgewood takes a sinister turn with the earl suffering a suspicious number of life-threatening accidents, Margaret wonders if Sebastian's younger brother and his wife have grown impatient to inherit the earldom. Setting out to find the one man she believes can set the situation to rights, she discovers that Sebastian Townshend has forged a new identity for himself on the continent.

Now known as The Raven, a deadly mercenary, notorious for accomplishing any mission no matter how seemingly impossible, he has vowed never to return to England. Not until Margaret meets his outrageous monetary demands does Sebastian agree to return home, reluctantly posing as her husband in order to facilitate his return to society. When he learns she cannot afford to pay his fee, he suggests a scandalous trade.

As Margaret and Sebastian work to uncover the intrigue at his father's estate, a fierce passion blooms that neither of them anticipated and neither can resist. But can Margaret persuade Sebastian to abandon the dark path he believes is his fate and claim the life -- and love -- he deserves?

Breathtaking in scope and wondrously passionate, MARRIAGE MOST SCANDALOUS is Johanna Lindsey at her finest.

I would also like to mention that I love this book cover! Very classy indeed. Also, the inside flap which portrays the hero and heroine is very nice. She is pretty, he is handsome, and they are in a bathroom, a place you would actually expect to see clothes falling off of people!

This evening I am going through old college photos. A friend from work does not believe that I went through a rebellious phase with facial piercings and bleach-blonde hair. As I search through piles (and I mean piles) of pictures that I never even bothered to put in those free little plastic picture albums that you get when you develop film, I am watching Pride and Prejudice. And please, don't ask which one. I'm watching the only one that counts!

By the by, I began Angelina Jolie's book today, Notes from My Travels. I must say, I'm impressed. I like Angelina (I don't buy into that Team Aniston crap) but I didn't think her an author. There is a nice voice to the book. Very humble, descriptive and moving. I am already halfway through. It's really good. If you like biographies, you might want to pick this one up.

My order from Harlequin came in today.

Harlequin Historical:

The Lady's Hazard by Miranda Jarrett
As the chef of London's premier gambling club, Bethany Penny caters to the most elegant lords of the ton, but prefers to help the city's neediest residents. When a mysterious soldier appears in her soup line she suspects that beneath his cool demeanor and shabby coat he hides a wealth of secrets....
Major William Callaway returned from war a damaged but determined man. Keeping his true identity concealed, he is thrown together with the copper-haired beauty, Bethany. They must join forces to uncover a mystery that involves them both, but the risks they take may put them in grave danger... and the truth may tear them apart!

Her Knight Protector by Anne Herries
Banewulf Dynasty:Three knights of nobility, Governed by chivalry, Driven by love....
Alain de Banewulf may have triumphed at the hand of his sword during the Crusades, and returned home steeped in glory, but he needs to prove to himself that his skills as a knight lie beyond the battlefield.
Alain's life is set to change when he rescues Katherine of Grunwald from brigands. For Katherine is carrying a treasure desired by all of Christendom -- one that men will kill for -- and Alain has sworn to protect her from the perils that lie ahead. With Katherine's help, perhaps Alain will come to realize that his honor depends not only on his bravery in the face of battle, but also on his strength of love for one woman.

His Duty, Her Destiny by Juliet Landon
The time had come... duty called. Bound by his word, Sir Fergus Melrose would honor his betrothal, but first he must claim his betrothed....
His task wouldn't be easy. Lady Nicola Coldyngham was no longer he young lass who had worshipped his every move. Nor, since he'd spurned her childish love, was she willing to give up her heart so easily again.
Her defiance became his challenge -- a challenge he was unable to resist. Spurred on by the promise of her fiery beauty, this was one contest Sir Fergus Melrose had every intention of winning.

A Reputable Rake by Diane Gaston
Cyprian Sloane's reputation is of the very worst. A gambler, smuggler, rake and a spy, he now faces the greatest challenge of all -- respectability! He will force Society to accept him. Nothing will stand in his way....
Until he meets Morgana Hart, whose caring nature thrusts her into the company of ladies of the night and risks a scandal that will destroy them both. To become a gentleman Cyprian must sacrifice the lady -- or is there a way for the rake to save them both?
Golden Heart-winning author Diane Gaston plunges back into the Regency underworld with this dramatic tale.

Harlequin Blaze:

Full Circle by Shannon Hollis
The White Star:The Quest Begins... An amulet. A legend. A race to unearth a decadent treasure.
Before Daniel Burke was the "real Indiana Jones," Cate Wells thought he was everything she could ever want. Then, after a humiliating experience eight years ago, she realized how wrong she was.
When Cate comes into possession of a carved wooden box, she knows Daniel is the only person who can authenticate it. Sure she can separate business from pleasure, Cate decides to see him at a conference he's attending. But with one look into Daniel's eyes, it's clear to her the heat between them hasn't dimmed. Giving in to their shared fantasy would be career suicide. Especially when Cate isn't sure if she wants the man... or the myth.

Harlequin Next :

Grin and Bear It by Leslie LaFoy (free)
{ a bear ate my ex... and that's okay }

How am I, a smart, confident -- and did I mention, innocent? -- woman supposed to react when smack-dab in the middle of my messy divorce the single-engine plane of my soon-to-be ex-husband crashes into the mountains of Montana's Bitterroot National Forest and I become the prime suspect in his disappearance?*
*Did I also forget to mention that there was no body? (There is a very strong possibility it has been dragged away by bears. Yes, bears.)
Grin and bear it -- like I've done most of my adult life -- only now, I've decided, I'm going to be the one asking the important questions (see above) and not taking any answers at face value....

I bought all of these on blind faith and back blurbs. Anyone have any information on these books? Read them? Reviews? Thanks!


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