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Monday, April 24, 2006

I must be wired wrong!

Really, I must!

*Warning—read very slowly!*

Because I did not like Lord of Scoundrels!

I know!

Seriously, what’s wrong with me?

I read it, I finished it in a day even, but I didn’t love it. Heck, I didn’t even like it. I felt that the book was very intelligently written, perhaps that is the problem, it was just over my head. For me, there was too much dialogue. I felt that there was a lot that just didn’t get enough page time (her practically raising 10 boys). And was he ugly or handsome?

Grrr….I’m gonna stop before I make someone mad.

But I’m currently reading Lord Perfect! Do I get points for that?


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Blogger Kristie (J) pondered...

Gasp!! You didn't love LOS?!?!?!?!? And it's one of my all time faves. *grin* That's one of the most interesting things about us romance readers - how one book can work so well for one person and be such a meh or worse book for the next person.
And was he ugly or handsome - that is the question (heh heh) He was handsome to Jess though and I suppose that's what matters.

4/24/2006 10:47:00 PM  
Blogger Megan Frampton pondered...

You know, LOS grew on me. I did love it when I first read it, but I didn't think it was THE BEST ROMANCE EVER. Like I do now.

Different strokes!

4/25/2006 01:31:00 AM  
Blogger Tara Marie pondered...

I think it's a good book, but best ever--nope, should I whisper that--LOL.

4/25/2006 10:11:00 AM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

KristieJ--I know! Of course, I didn't hate Kingdom of Dreams so I must be on a different boat from everyone else! I'm gonna dig that one out of the hurricane tubs and reread to see if I still like it.

Megan--I'm going to keep it just because of how often it is referred to. I'll probably try it again later and see if it grows on me.

Tara--Whisper? You better run for the hills!


4/25/2006 06:41:00 PM  

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