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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chicago Dos Dia

We walked three hours this morning! Down Astor and over to Michigan Avenue to do some window oogling and shopping.

Pictures below the cut...

Then we met my favorite SIL Pam and hubby at the John Hancock Building. She works in Chicago and they are also here for the weekend. We went to Giordano's on Superior, but there was an hour wait so we ended up across the street at the _____ Rush Street Restuarant. It was this great little Italian place.

After lunch we went back to the Hancock building but didn't want to wait an hour for the line so we headed back over to Navy Pier and did the architectural river tour.

The tour was fun and gave us a nice rest. After that we walked for two hours over to the Sears Tower and went up to the Skydeck.

Not ones to let good things go, Linc and I ate a deep dish pepperoni at the Giordano's on Jackson.

We can't find a bus route map. None. Other than the teeny tiny ones posted at the stops. Did you know Chicago won't even fit on one map? So the busses have been difficult and we've opted to walk instead. This evening we went back to the subways because those I can work and we had no problems. Went across the entire city no prob. It also appears that the red line is the party line. It is constantly packed with 20 somethings. I wonder if that is a result of the weekend, Lolapalooza, or just a constant occurance.

Museums tomorrow!


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