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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday 13-All About Canada!

I was recently talking to an on-line buddy of mine and my ignorance when it came to the northern section of North America (commonly referred to as Canada) was, well, embarrassing! I was a complete idiot! I probably know more about Iraq or Iran than I do Canada! WTF?!? So, in an attempt to right the wrongs done by all of my History teachers, Valeen, this one's all for you bay-bee!

1. Canada is the second largest country in the world. (The Russian Federation is first)

2. Canada has ten provinces and three territories (capital cities are in brackets).
Alberta (Edmonton), British Columbia (Victoria), Manitoba (Winnipeg), New Brunswick (Fredericton), Newfoundland and Labrador(St. John's), Northwest Territories (Yellowknife), Nova Scotia (Halifax), Nunavut (Iqaluit), Ontario (Toronto), Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown), Quebec (Quebec City), Saskatchewan (Regina), Yukon Territory (Whitehorse)

3. Canada has the world's longest coastline.

4. Nearly one-fourth of all the fresh water in the world is in Canada.

5. The largest park in Canada is Wood Buffalo National Park, in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. It is home of the world's largest bison herd and the only nesting site of the endangered whooping crane.
6. The main highway system (completed in 1962) is called the Trans-Canada Highway. It goes from St. John's NFLD to Victoria, B.C.. The highway is 7,604 kilometres long. It is the longest national highway in the world.

7. The native people of Canada invented the game of lacrosse.

8. Here is a map of Canada:

9. Approximately 90% of Canada's population is concentrated within 160 km of the US border.

10. 42.6% of Canadians are Roman Catholic.

11. In the province of Saskatchewan, Canada there are towns by the name of Elbow and Eyebrow.

12. The following entertainers are Canadian:

Anderson, Pamela
Aykroyd, Dan
Campbell, Neve
Candy, John
Carrey, Jim
Fox, Michael J.
Fraser, Brendan
Jennings, Peter
Mandel, Howie
Myers, Mike
Perry, Matthew
Philips, Stone
Priestley, Jason
Reeves, Keanu
Shatner, William
Short, Martin
Sutherland, Kiefer
Thicke, Alan

13. Ottawa is the capital of Canada and Montreal the largest city.

Thanks to SASK schools for much of my information!


11 touched me

Blogger Kate R pondered...

Six provinces, right?

uhhhh. hmmmm. Quebec, Northern Territories, Saskatchewan, British Columbia. . .Nova Scotia lox?

Dang. Now I have to go look it up.

7/06/2006 05:14:00 PM  
Blogger Kate R pondered...

THIRTEEN. Got it THIRTEEN. Provinces and territories.

7/06/2006 05:17:00 PM  
Blogger Holly pondered...

Dang, I didn't know half of that crap about Canada. We're sadly uninformed here in the States, aren't we?

Good 13 topic. ;)

7/06/2006 06:29:00 PM  
Blogger ames pondered...

Excellent topic Fiona! LOL

7/06/2006 07:52:00 PM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

LOL Ames!

I knew you'd love this.

Oh, by the way...Canada has 6 time zones and Manitoba is in Central.

Canada's Time Zones

7/06/2006 08:42:00 PM  
Blogger CindyS pondered...

Hmmm, I'm Canadian and I was taught we had 10 provinces and two territories. This is the first I've heard about Nunavut as a territory - wonder when that happened? Ahhhh, April 1 1999. You'd think they would have made a big deal about that around here!

I didn't know 5, 7 or 10 but then, when someone throws Roman in front of Catholic I get confused so if it had just said Catholic I would have just nodded ;)


7/07/2006 04:52:00 AM  
Blogger Valeen pondered...

Woohoo!!! Absolutely fabulous topic, Fiona! hahaha

For some odd reason it wasn't made a big deal of when Nunavut was made a territory - I don't know why.

And something I just learned this past weekend was that NewFoundLand didn't join Canada until 1949!

And Canada Day was known as Dominion Day up until the 80's. Didn't know that either.

We also invented basketball ... or so the heritage commercial says. And Superman was created by a Canadian.

See on your map there where you see St. John in the right hand bottom corner? I'm about an hour East of that. :)

7/07/2006 08:15:00 AM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

LOL Cindy. I got Roman Catholic from the census report. I was surprised it was specialized too.

hehe...glad you enjoyed Valeen! That's okay, most people think Puerto Rico is our 51st state...hahaha.

I learned that Canada Day was known as Dominion Day during my research. I didn't use it because I figured you all knew that one!

Basketball? Wow.

Watch out about telling me where you live...you never know when I might show up! LOL (j/k, you don't really have to move.)


7/07/2006 12:50:00 PM  
Blogger Kristie (J) pondered...

LOL Cindy - First you didn't know about the name change of Skydome now you don't know about the third territory. It became a territory over a land dispute with the Innuit people. (hope that doesn't happen at Caledonia *g*)
Anyway - great topic!

7/07/2006 05:59:00 PM  
Blogger CindyS pondered...

Yeah, but I don't have anything to do with the news - it's way too depressing and the last time I watched it I saw a woman machetted to death and ended up sobbing my eyes out. I'm better now about global events but I don't read our paper (I don't like the feel of newsprint) or watch the news because it normally opens with politics and makes me want to throw things.

You want to know my worst secret? I didn't know Paul Martin was our prime minister until I found out about it on the Osbourne show.

CindyS - A Huge Patriot without a clue! Also, no clue about Dominion Day - I've always heard of it as Canada Day because it's our birthday, uh, right?

7/08/2006 04:00:00 AM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

hehe...maybe I need to do weekly Canada lessons for Cindy! ROFL!

Dominion Day and Canada Day are one and the same. They changed the name in 1982 but I'm not sure why. It was orgininally called Dominion Day because:

The term Dominion was originated for Canada's formation in 1867. Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley suggested the term to the Fathers of Confederation at their meeting after his morning devotionals, during which he read Psalm 72:8: "He shall have dominion from sea to sea." Tilley's suggestion was adopted unanimously.

New Zealand is the only other country that celebrates "Dominion Day".

And I don't watch the news. I used to watch it constantly (CNN) but then I started getting depressed. I hate knowing that crap. So now I just watch the weather channel for 5 minutes every morning to see if a hurricane is coming and other than that I figure if something big happens it will be posted on the Yahoo! webpage! hahahahahahaha


7/08/2006 08:05:00 AM  

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