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Friday, May 19, 2006

Throwing a party!

I've been busy!

Welcome to the blog roll!

Miss Snark
Jamie Sobrato
Daisy DD
Risky Regencies

Saw this in the video store today:

Orwell Rolls In His Grave

It's an independent film, so there hasn't been much buzz on it. Funny thing though, I pulled my copy of 1984 out of storage when the whole domestic spying issue came about. Maybe I'll reread it this week.

Jennie reviewed Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies!


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Blogger Daisy Dexter Dobbs pondered...

Hi Fiona! I just discovered your blog. Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. I’ll have a reciprocal link to yours posted later today or early tomorrow.

I browsed through your blog a bit (great stuff!) and saw your post about Karen Scott’s review of my book, Just Like a Dame. As you can probably tell from Karen’s generous praise, JLAD will no doubt have a permanent place on her top ten list of all-time favorite reads. Honestly, I get so embarrassed when reviewers gush over my books like that. LOL

5/21/2006 06:37:00 PM  
Blogger Megan Frampton pondered...

Thanks for the hook-up to Jennie's blog, I liked it a lot (added it to my roll, too).

5/21/2006 09:51:00 PM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

Welcome Daisy.

Watch out for that twin though Megan! She practically makes me want to go sew something! Yikes!


5/22/2006 04:14:00 PM  
Blogger Jennie pondered...

Hi there Fiona,
So glad you've found my blog, which led me to finding your blog! I'm still pretty new to the whole blogging world, and am amazed by all the possibilities for finding like-minded people. :)

Yes, Julie (my twin) can be a little scary with her crafts. You should see our apartment. I keep telling her that she has to start giving stuff away, because I don't want us to become those crazy ladies with wall-to-wall crap.

I see by your profile that you're a Julie Quinn Bridgerton fan. Me too, me too!!

5/22/2006 05:10:00 PM  
Blogger Fickle Fiona pondered...

Welcome to the hodgepodge Jennie!

I just found Quinn about a month ago and love her work!


5/23/2006 03:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous pondered...

Link TV tackles democracy in America

LINK TV (DIRECTV ch. 375, Dish Network ch. 9410), available to 27 million American homes, will broadcast a four-hour special on the consequences of corporate media, the true meaning of “independent media” and the continued struggle for democracy as the country begins to gear up for the 2008 presidential election on Sunday, June 25 and Friday, July 7 at 5 p.m. PST and 8 p.m. EST.

The special, “Democracy for Sale?” will feature the critically acclaimed film “Counting on Democracy,” which investigates charges of disenfranchisement and the 180,000 uncounted Florida votes cast largely by the working poor and people of color during the 2000 election. It takes viewers on a political and social rollercoaster — from election night to 36 days later when the Supreme Court made the highly controversial decision to halt the recount and call the election for George W. Bush. Guest Greg Palast, who has been hailed “the most important investigative reporter of our time” and is the author of the recently released “Armed Madhouse,” will be on hand to discuss his groundbreaking BBC investigation into the 2000 election scandal and why the BBC was the only media outlet to broadcast it.

Activist Megan Matson, founder of the action group Mainstreet Moms, will address creating a system where people who care about election fraud, dirty politics and the disfranchisement of select groups of the population can band together and force change. Matson, who appeared in Mary Beth Brangan’s short film “Got Democracy?,” also touches on the dangers of electronic voting and what ordinary citizens can do to help preserve democracy for future generations.

The special will also feature a screening of director Robert Kane Pappas’ “Orwell Rolls in his Grave,” which provides an examination of modern media and its impact on our political culture, asking whether America has entered an Orwellian world of doublespeak where outright lies can pass for the truth. Pacifica Radio’s “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman will join via satellite to discuss the state of election reform.

Learn why you should care about the state of Democracy in the U.S. by tuning in.

About Link TV
Link TV is a non-commercial, independent television network available in more than 27 million U.S. homes on DIRECTV channel 375 and DISH Network channel 9410. The 24-hour programming is a mix of documentaries, international news, foreign films and the best of World Music. The network recently received the first satellite-only Peabody Award for MOSAIC: World News from the Middle East, a daily news show featuring English translations of national television reports from more than 24 countries in the Middle East. Select Link TV programs are streamed on the Internet at www.linktv.org. Link TV is operated by Link Media, Inc., a California non-profit organization, with production studios in San Francisco, New York and Washington, DC.

6/19/2006 01:25:00 PM  

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