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Friday, May 26, 2006

Been bauered?

Okay, so I think the internet is an amazing thing. Where else can all the little people band together and attack the big, bad monsters of the world? Before the information age, countless numbers of people would have been scammed by people like Barbara Bauer, but now those who wish to be informed can be--with the click of a button.

Bacground Info: Barbara Bauer is an "alleged" scammer hiding in a literary agent's clothes. She is angry with being listed as #3 on Writer Beware's Twenty Worst Literary Agents list. She has been traipsing all around the internet screaming at the injustice of this list, claiming slander, libel and a violation of the DMCA. She tried to get Teresa Hayden fired, among others, and has been trying to have sites/blogs who post the 20 worst agents lists pulled, finally succeeding with Absolute Write.

And try to stop free speech? Ha! Watch that move (could 'literally' be inserted here *snicker*) blow up in your face!

So, for those of you just perking up to this scandal, check out Teresa's original post on Making Light.

And then check out Kira Connally's list of blog's covering this issue. Can we say OMG!?! How many sites is that? I stopped at 48!

And you just have to love Wiki. I mean, really, you do! See Bab's Wiki Page

Get the AW button you see below at Mac's site

To close up, bauered isn't defined in Urban Dictionary yet, but I'm just waiting. Wouldn't that be great? To be bauered means to have been screwed by a literary agent, as in, "Hey, I heard you were bauered by the ABC Agency." What a generation.


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Anonymous Kira pondered...

Thanks for blogging about this! You've been added to the list, too. I stopped counting at 115, yesterday morning :)

5/26/2006 03:31:00 PM  

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